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 Hytron a NEA GROUP company

On November 19, 2020 the NEA GROUP acquired the Brazilian company HYTRON Energy & Gas, based in Sumaré, São Paulo


Hytron was born from the demand of the Brazilian electric sector for efficient and innovative technological solutions.

And motivated by innovation we become experts in Energy and Industrial Gases.

Photovoltaic solar farm


Energy is fundamental and every day becomes even more important.

It is impossible to imagine modern life without electricity, for example.

New social and marketing standards demand competitive and environmentally friendly solutions in power generation.

Our impetus for knowledge and expertise in alternative technologies is what drives us further.


Gases are present in several segments of the industry, in diversified applications, much more than we can imagine.

Years of dedication to hydrogen technology and the searching for energy efficiency have credited our team as specialists and pioneers in solutions in the area of Industrial Gases.

Reliable and efficient on-site generation is the future we have already worked with.

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