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Hytron is a technology-based company focused on innovation. We are recognized in the market by the capacity of our team and by the technological content of our projects.

Hytron was founded in 2003 as a spin-off from UNICAMP (State University of Campinas, considered the 2nd best university in Latin America by the Times Higher Education - World University Ranking, 2016).

Since the beginning of our history, Hytron has been working with innovative solutions for the Energy and Industrial Gases fields, helping several companies.

We are one of the first Brazilian companies to demonstrate PV systems (photovoltaic) and several energetic applications of hydrogen.

The company team consists of PhDs, masters, engineers and technicians with extensive experience in project development and management, always aiming to deliver high operational quality standards to its clients.

Our solutions include studies, engineering projects, prototypes, supervisory services, automation, systems integration and commissioning.

            Welcome to Hytron! Here the future has already begun!

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